Vàng Cứng Auruna 311 Hợp Kim Coban Cho Linh Kiện Kĩ Thuật

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    For the adhesive direct gold-plating of stainless steel and nickel

    AURUNA® 311 For Technical Applications is a strongly acidic alloy electrolyte for the adhesive direct gold-plating of stainless steel. It is preferably used for chromium-nickel steels, molybdenum steels and nickelbased alloys difficult to activate. Due to its strong activation effect, the electrolyte can be often used successfully as well for other passive materials difficult to plate.

    The gold electrolyte is suitable for both strike gold layers and thick coatings in the technical field. The coatings are ductile, low in pores and protect against corrosion.

    AURUNA® 311 For Technical Applications can be used for rack and barrel operation as well as in reel-to-reel plating (e.g. spray and dip cells and brush).


    • Strongly acidic gold alloy electrolyte for the direct gold-plating of stainless steel and nickel
    • Very good activation effect – without halogenides
    • Low-pore, ductile and crack-free coatings
    • Suitable for strike gold layers as well as for thick coatings
    • Good throwing power
    • The coatings are RoHS compliant
    • Also available as a cobalt-free special version
    • Suitable for rack, barrel and reel-to-reel plating



    • Electrical contacts
    • Stainless steel contacts
    • Stainless steel springs

    Electrolyte characteristics

    Electrolyte type

    Strongly acidic

    Metal content

    2 (1 - 10) g/l Au

    pH value

    0.6 (0.1 - 0.8)

    Operating temperature

    25 (20 - 40) °C

    Current density range

    2 - 6 A/dm²

    Plating speed

    0.08 μm/min at 2 g/l Au, 2 A/dm²

    Anode material

    Pt-Ti, MMO (type PLATINODE® 177 )

    Coating characteristics



    Alloy composition

    Approx. 99.7 weight % Au 0.3 weight % Co

    Colour of deposit

    Deep yellow




    160 HV

    Max. coating thickness

    10 μm